Trial version of Airfunding for NGO

You can opt for the Trial Version for Airfunding for NGO! With this, for a set period you can enjoy the benefits of being a supportive member of the NGOs that are working with us for FREE!

With the free trial you will get to:

1. Join a private FB group for an NGO of your liking

We have a private Facebook group for supporters and NGO staff. Every week we will introduce the activities of the NGO and also the children that you are supporting!
Founders and staff of NGOs and the children supported by NGOs will conduct live streaming events.

2. Communicate directly with the organizer of an NGO of your liking

Supporters can directly communicate with the NGO staff and the people involved with the NGO activities by asking questions and sending words of encouragement.

Interested in joining the trial?

How it Works

Register for the Trial plan

Simply click the link to register for the trial and you will be redirected to the Airfunding site for registration

Wait for reply from our staff

After creating account, our staff will try and communicate with you through the email you used to register

Communicate with our staff for selection of NGO

Once you have communication with our staff, choose the NGO of your liking that you would like to be a member of

Enjoy the free Trial!

Enjoy the benefits of being in the Airfunding for NGO plan!

Would you like to try the Trial version of Airfunding for NGO?