Airfunding for NGO connects individuals with non-profit organizations in many countries to help provide much-needed funds to local people in need.

Look at “real” NGO activities and the children supported!

Airfunding for NGO is a program through Airfunding where it focuses on supporting international organizations that are taking steps to make a difference in the areas of education, healthcare, and employment in their countries.

Trial version of Airfunding for NGO

You can opt for the Trial Version for Airfunding for NGO! With this, for a set period you can enjoy the benefits of being a supportive member of the NGOs that are working with us for FREE!

Airfunding is a Cross-border donation crowdfunding service that enables individuals and organizations in emerging regions to raise funds and provide support to each other across borders and cultures.













Our Ambassadors

Kenji Ikemori, Founder of FANCL Co.

Yoshikazu Tanaka, Director of GREE Inc.


Hiromi Watase, Rep. Director of ALEA Co.

Yusuke Murata, Rep. Partner of Incubate Fund

Satoko Kouno, Representative of ARUN Seed

Kunikazu Akao, Project Manager of IOM

Articles from our Blog

Hello, everyone who has seen this note. Here’s an intern. The rainy season is over and the weather will continue to be bad, but I hope I can spend every day with a happy heart! Now, this is the third time we introduce NGOs, so we will introduce Faith Angels Ministry in Uganda!

Vol.1 will introduce the founders of each NGO and discuss the current situation and activities at Back2School Africa in Nigeria.

In the article I posted the other day, I explained the contents of the Airfunding project. However, I think there are many questions about the content, such as “How does Airfunding crowdfunding work?”, “What is an NGO?” and “What can we do with support?” In order to resolve such questions, I will introduce Airfunding, overseas NGOs, and participating countries in the future.

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