August Monthly Report – Airfunding for NGO

Hi! Thank you very much for your invaluable support to Airfunding for NGO and the organizations around the world that are part of it.
We would like to share with you this monthly report from the organizations.
This monthly report is a document where you can check the following information:
(1) Amount collected by the organization during the month
(2) Breakdown on the usage of the received funds during the month
(3) Details on the organization’s activities during the month

Back to School Africa

With the $588.20 collected, Back2School Africa has been able to get school uniforms to 23 students. The expenses have covered the textile material purchase, the tailoring fee, and the transportation to take the children’s measurements. They have also redesigned their webpage and pay the securit deposit for Ignite Jam Africa.

Funds breakdown

Collected support: $573 USD
・Uniforms: 65%
・Website redesign: 25%
・Security fee: 10%

School uniforms
This month the funds have been used to provide school uniforms to 23 recently enrolled children. In order to sew the uniforms, that are mandatory to attend school, Back2School Africa has bought the necessary textile materials and hired a tailor.
Website redesign
This month some funds were used as a down payment for the redesign and maintenance of the webpage of Back to School Africa.
Security fee
Some funds were used for paying the security at the Ignite Jam Africa.

Organization’s activities

Ignite Jam Africa
The 8th of September was held Ignite Jam Africa. A concert in Berlin to raise funds for Back to School .

Sasak Satu Swara

With the $123 collected, Sasak Satu Swara has been able to buy 10L of hand sanitizer and 100 masks for the children and staff, has bought 30 books and 30 pens needed for the next 3 months and has also been able to drive the children every week to the local library to study. A percentage of the funds has also been used to support the wifi and electricity expenses of the campus.

Funds breakdown

Collected support: $163 USD
・Wifi : 20%
・Masks: 8%
・Hand Sanitizer: 10%
・Pencils: 30%
. Electricity: 15%
. Transportation. 17%

. Hand sanitizer and masks
Due to the current PPKM (Emergency lockdown), the government has demanded to use masks and hand sanitizer to every citizen but not every family can afford it, so in order to fulfill the requirements, they have been bought for both children and volunteers. In total, they bought 10 L of hand sanitizer and 100 masks.
. Books and pens
25 books and 25 pens were bought for the children of the new school made in the village, that will be enough material to continue the lessons for 2 or 3 months.
.Transportation to the library
Transportation for the children to visit the local library weekly
. Other expenses
Other expenses include the electricity and wifi inside the campus.

Organization’s activities

. Weekly dance learning
Since July, the children have started to learn traditional dances every weekend to preserve the local heritage. This is an activity that will continue on a weekly basis in the future.
. Weekly visit to the local library
Sasak Satu Swara has decided to drive the children once a week to a local library in order to help them improve their knowledge and have access to many more school material that will help their education development. This is an activity that they will continue on a weekly basis in the future.
. Opening an school at a village
Due to the increase of the students, they decided to open a school for the villagers.

Faith Angels Ministry

This month the money has been spent on the construction of the teacher’s house, purchasing tree poles, and on the distribution of health kits. Due to the Covid lockdown, the children have been many days in lockdown but the money has been spent on things needed for the school and the community.

Funds breakdown

Collected support: $163 USD

・Purchase of tree poles: 57%

・Leveling the ground 28%
. Distribution of health kits: 15%

Purchase of tree poles
The purchase of three poles will be used to construct the house. Because of the fact that they don’t have enough funds to construct a permanent house (which would have been the best option), they decided to build the staff house using local materials which can be got at a cheap price. They have therefore paid for enough trees which will be cut down for poles to help in the construction of the house.
At this stage, it’s going to be slightly expensive. So they will first gather all the required materials before the construction begins. They will need expenses on iron sheets, nails, doors, and windows.
Leveling the ground
Completion of leveling the ground for the staff house construction is done. The ground is perfectly leveled and they are now waiting for the construction work to start.
Distribution of health kits
They successfully held a community health camp in three Batwa centers. This was a result of public requests from the Batwas.
Most of the teenage girls had got pregnant due to spending many days without going to school (among these, 15 girls between ages 12 – 16 are about to give birth). We have started a sensitization campaign about ageless education and good parenting. This will help to integrate these teenage mothers back to school without being stigmatized.
60% of Batwa have acquired HIV/Aids. They have resolved to start a program of distributing protective condoms as a way of reducing the spread of the virus among the Batwa. Together with the district health experts, they have also agreed to distribute ARVS to the affected victims of HIV.

Organization’s activities

Orphan support program
Under this program, they supported children at Faith Angels Nursery and Primary school. These children don’t pay any money when at school because most of them are vulnerable because of their family background. They, therefore, have access to free education.
In the previous 5 years, they have managed to purchase land and establish temporary classrooms for the children to have a basic education. These classrooms are not up to the required standards yet though.
They have been paying monthly rent for staff accommodation but we are so happy to announce that the first step to constructing a staff quarters house.

Entrepreneurs monitored by IOM

Last month, the group of entrepreneurs collected $60 USD. The amount has been delivered together with the collected $80 in the previous month, making a total of $320 USD.

The collected amount during the previous 2 months has been delivered already to the leader of the entrepreneur’s group.
It will be shortly divided between the 16 entrepreneurs that already have opened their projects in Airfunding, with the objective of using it to develop their business plans or improve their current businesses.
We will inform about these improvements in the next reports!

Solidaridad sin Limites

This month, the collected $163 has been used for the transportation needed of the mission to Mirití Paraná

Funds breakdown

Collected support: $45 USD

Transportation: 100%

The money has been spent on transportation to Mirití Paraná. They need support because it was mandatory to go from Leticia to the community on a plane. There is no way to go on a bus or a boat. By boat, the distance was 15 days from Leticia to the community so it would be 30 days to go and return for just a few days of attention.
So they will take two planes: one from Medellín and Bogotá to Leticia and one to the community.
The overall cost of the mission is around 10.000 USD and it was held from the 13th to the 20th of August.

Organization’s activities

Donations in Hogar Divina Providencia
On the 3rd, 17th, and 31st of August donations of food and clothes were made to the Hogar Divina Providencia, a shelter of teenage mothers. This activity is always held bi-weekly.