Mission to the Amazon rainforest on August 2021

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Resume of the mission to the Amazonas in August 2021


On the 12th of August, the first members of Solidaridad Sin Límites arrived in Leticia, the capital of the Amazon in Colombia, and found out the first obstacles.
Members were coming from different cities of Colombia between the 12th and the 13th and the Internet was unavailable in the Amazon rainforest, which made it hard for the members to communicate with each other. But finally, they were able to meet at a point before traveling all together to the mission.
Unfortunately, due to the lack of funds, they were unable to arrive at Mirití Paraná and to pay for the second flight, so they decided to change the mission to Mocagua. Mocagua is a community located only 2h by boat from Leticia, which made it cheaper.

Mocagua is a more modern community than Mirití Paraná because it is nearer to the civilization but, according to Paula, they didn’t receive a healthcare mission for their community for more than 4 years. Even though the community was relatively more modern, they still received them with a ritual made of smoke to eliminate the bad energies.
They visited different tribes inside of the community such as Tikuna, Cocama, Yagua, Okainas, and Huitotos.
More than 550 people received support in health care (general medicine, pediatrics, speech therapy, psychology…etc.)
Besides the medical support, they also received legal support and received some biodegradable towels and clothes made by some volunteers and hygiene kits.

The compromise of the team of Solidaridad Sin Limites is always to sleep and eat the same way the community does. That is why they had to try typical dishes like the mojojoys, a kind of worms that are eaten alive in the community. The main diet of the community is based on fish and bananas, which they cook in very different ways. But sometimes they eat other dishes such as pasta.
For sleeping, the community offered them biodegradable cabins because they are trying to start a business offering accommodation to tourists and travelers interested in sustainable and ecofriendly alternatives and interested in the life of the indigenous people.

Overall, they are very proud of their achievements, but they are still owing money to the airplane company that allowed them to have a credit and pay later. They are planning to visit Mirití Paraná in the month of February of 2022, once the resources will be enough for the cost of the transportation to this community.
From Airfunding we wish them luck and hope they can go to visit another community and to keep offering free healthcare and other services to everyone in need.

Spanish- one of the most spoken languages in the world.
More than 585 million people speak Spanish in the world. This means that it is the 2nd most spoken language in the world. More than 20 countries have Spanish as an official language and it is spoken in Spain, South America, and some parts of the USA.
There are many different languages depending on the communities in Colombia. However, Spanish is spoken by the majority of them.
Today, we would like to teach you some basic Spanish so you could practice in the next streaming or if you ever want to visit some of the countries where Spanish is spoken.as a main language.

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