How Coronavirus is affecting the entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone

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How is affecting the Coronavirus to the entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone?

The Coronavirus crisis has affected most of the countries and sectors. It has affected different sectors such as tourism, hospitality, but also the shops and businesses that have started to sell and operate more online.
One of the individuals that have struggled more during the pandemic has been the informal workers and those shop owners that have had to close their shops due to Covid restrictions.
Sierra Leona is one example of countries with informal workers and entrepreneurs struggling. Actually, there are many entrepreneurs in the country that are suffering more than ever because of the Coronavirus crisis.
According to Emma Kamara, an entrepreneur from Sierra Leona that is a member of IOM’s project for entrepreneurs, prices have increased during the pandemic, with the products costing even two times or three times more than the original price.
As a refugee, for Emma Kamara going to her work is already hard, as she needs to take 2 buses every day to her workplace and those buses don’t pass on a regular basis. Also, as an owner of a hairdresser is already hard to find a customer these days, she says, but it is even harder now that the prices have increased, so the benefits are even less.

According to Yeabu Kamara, another entrepreneur from Sierra Leone, it is impossible for her to buy some products that she is used to buying for her business as well due to the lockdowns restrictions, which makes it hard for her to keep her business opened.
Velache Coker, another business entrepreneur working in digital marketing for a farming business, says that his business also has been affected. Because his business mostly works with data of the farmers, it is almost impossible to collect it now due to the lockdown.
These are only three cases of so many entrepreneurs that are suffering in Sierra Leone and around all the world, but from Airfunding we would like to say thank you to those people that are contributing to their projects due to most of them are surviving from donations.
According to Yeabu Kamara “We are surviving due to the donations of the NGOs that are making possible that we don’t die of starvation. Due to the difficulties we are facing and with the increase of the cases infected from Coronavirus, having a business is more challenging than ever but thanks to the people that supports us, we are able to survive this crisis.”

5 best destinations to visit in Sierra Leone
Mount Bintumoni
Mount Bintumoni is one of the best mountains for the riders. This mountain has its own beauty which can make its different identity among others. It’s a great place to climb up, hiking and mountaineering. This is the highest peak of Sierra Leone with 1945 meters height. This is also known as Loma Mansa. The beneath parts of the mountain is covered with Green rain forests and contains several animals.

Tiwali Island
If you are a wildlife lover as well as a nature addictive person then Tiwai Island wildlife sanctuary is the best destination for you. The Island will offer spectacular natural views and Tiwai Island wildlife sanctuary is an additional an entertainment sector. This Island is an inland of the Moa River. A number of the species of the including the hippopotamus can be observed here
Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Freetown
The Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary is one of the amazing Sanctuary of Sierra Leone. It is located in Freetown and it will take about 40 minutes from the mainland of Freetown. The western area forest reserve has become more visited by the tourists because of the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary. It covers about 100 acres. You can go through Sanctuary by the new dirt motorway. It will be the best if you come on a one day excursion to see the lovely waterfalls, villages surrounding the Sanctuary easily.
Banana Island
Banana Island is located near the Freetown Peninsula at southwest coast. It’s a series of three islands, Dublin, Ricketts and Mes- Meheux. Dublin and Ricketts are the main islands. The headquarters of the Etisalat Telecoms Company is located at Banana Island. This place is perfect for snorkeling and diving. The churches of 1881 ad the old slave docks of the traders of slaves can also be enjoyed. The Island forests and bat caves are also recommended by the travelers.
Outamba Kilimi National Park
The Outamba Kilimi National Park is another Eco-tourism park in Sierra Leone. This dark green forest captured by two rivers makes a magical environment and attracts most of the tourists. The Rivers are Great Scarcies and Mongo Rivers. The dense bush is filled with some rare kind of elephants, buffaloes. This park was taken in consideration to be a National park in 1986.

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