June’s Monthly Report – Airfunding for NGO

Hi! Thank you very much for your invaluable support to Airfunding for NGO and the organizations around the world that are part of it.
We would like to share with you this monthly report from the organizations.
This monthly report is a document where you can check the following information:
(1) Amount collected by the organization during the month
(2) Breakdown on the usage of the received funds during the month
(3) Details on the organization’s activities during the month

Back to School Africa

With the $730 collected, Back2School Africa has been able to implement 2 missions for beneficiary mobilization, that have helped 25 children to go back to school. Also, 1.200 bags have been given during the missions. A small part of the funds were used for different expenses like social media and publicity.

Funds breakdown

Collected support: $730 USD
・School enrollment: 60%
・Beneficiary mobilization: 20%
・School bags: 11%
・Other expenses: 9%

School enrollment
10 girls in Kano State and 15 boys and girls in Imo State has been enrolled in school during this phase, in the frame of the Ignite Africa Campaign. The children get their school fees covered until they graduate high school.
Beneficiary mobilization and school bags
The volunteers of Back 2 School Africa have traveled to 2 different communities to localize children out of school that would need their help from now on. During the activities, 1.200 school bags have been printed and given to the children.
Other expenses
Social media management and publicity material expenses are covered by the 9% of the collected funds.

Organization’s activities

Advocacy visit to Abu-Hanifa Academy
On the 8 of June, Back2School partnered with The Abu-Hanifa Acamedy, in order to get assistance for less privileged children in the school from now on.
Nudge Global Impact Awards
Chukwuma Anklin Amadi, representing Back to School Africa, has won the Nudge Global Impact Awards 2021 in Netherlands, for the inspiring Ignite Africa Campaign. Congratulations!

Sasak Satu Swara

With the $125 collected, Sasak Satu Swara has been able to add a solar energy cell, get an automatic washbasin, a thermo gun and to drive the children every week to the local library to study. A small percentage of the funds has been used to support the wifi and electricity expenses of the campus.

Funds breakdown

Collected support: $125 USD
・School improvements: 49%
・Transportation: 41%
・Other expenses: 9%

School improvement
The funds were used to improve the technology in the school adding a solar energy cell, and getting an automatic washbasin and a thermo gun to improve the children’s safety against COVID-19.
Transportation expenses are necessary for the students to being able to move to different locations during visits and school activities, as well to provide transportation to those students live far from the campus. These funds cover the driver hiring and transport rental fee.
Other expenses
Other expenses include the electricity and wifi inside the campus.

Organization’s activities

Expedition to the Waterfalls
On June 13rd, the students of Sasak Satu Swara, got a great chance to visit a beautiful and popular waterfall in Lombok together with Levi, the founder of Sasak Satu Swara, and enjoyed many outdoor activities together, thanks to this school expedition.
Weekly visit to the local Library
Sasak Satu Swara has decided to drive the children once a week to a local library in order to help them improve their knowledge and have access to many more school material that will help their education development. This is an activity that they will continue on a weekly basis in the future.

Faith Angels Ministry

This month, Faith Angels Ministry has supported about 200 people from the Batwa community to overcome the difficult situation caused by COVID-19 and the total lockdown. These families have received food supplies, flour, masks and hygiene products thanks to the $205 collected.

Funds breakdown

Collected support: $205 USD

・Food supplies: 60%
・Masks: 20%
・Hygiene products: 20%

Food supplies
In a total lockdown situation, the Batwa people who lives on the vicinity of Faith Angels Ministry School, struggle to get enough food and nutrition. This time, Faith Angels Ministry has given food and flour to 200 people, thanks to the 60% of the collected funds.
Masks and hygiene products
The Batwa people don’t have access to masks, soap or sanitary alcohol, what are necessary in order to protect themselves from COVID-19. Faith Angels Ministry has provided 200 people with all the necessary supplies for the month, using a 40% of the collected funds.

Organization’s activities

Batwa Community Support
June has been a difficult month for Faith Angels Ministry, as a total lockdown has prevented the children to attend school, and all the activities have been canceled until further notice.
The organization has been focused on supporting the community, as they are going through an urgent situation that requires all possible efforts.

Entrepreneurs monitored by IOM

Last month, the group of entrepreneurs collected $80 USD. The amount has been delivered together with the collected $60 in the previous month, making a total of $140 USD.

The collected amount during the previous 2 months have been delivered already to the leader of the entrepreneur’s group.
It will be shortly divided between the 12 entrepreneurs that already have opened their projects in Airfunding, with the objective of using it to develop their business plans or improve their current businesses.
We will inform about these improvements in the next reports!

Solidaridad sin Limites

The political crisis and the COVID-19 worsened situation has continued to hinder the normal activities of the organization. This time, the collected $20 has been used to get medicines to help 130 homeless people in Medellin.

Funds breakdown

Collected support: $20 USD

・Medicines: 100%

The collected funds have been used to get medicines that have been delivered in a special medical mission celebrated on July 4th to help homeless people in Medellin. The total cost of the mission has been $320 USD in transportation, medicines and supplies, so the collected funds covered a 6% of the total expenses.

Organization’s activities

Mother’s Month Celebration in Hogar Divina Providencia
On June 20th, Solidaridad sin Limites visited the shelter for teenage mothers Hogar Divina Providencia, as they always do every 2 Sundays. This time, they held a big party for the mothers and children to celebrate Mothers Month where they prepared many gifts and activities for them.
Medical Mission in Medellin
During the whole month, Solidaridad sin Limites has been collecting medicines, clothes and food, and gathered a team of doctors and psychologists to hold a special mission in order to provide assistance to 130 homeless people of Medellin on July 4th.