Meet Mia, one of the volunteers from Sasak Satu Swara. Don’t miss it!

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This month, Anisia from Airfunding had an interview with Mia, a volunteer from Sasak Satu Swara, and we’ve had the chance to know a little more about her, her motivations, dreams and experiences in the foundation. Please keep reading!
Interview with Mia, a volunteer of Sasak Satu Swara

This month meet Mia Nanda Nazmi, a 26 years old volunteer of Sasak Satu Swara. She lives in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, and her hobbies are singing and playing the guitar. She finished her studies in the university 4 years ago where she studied tourism as her subject. After her graduation, she started to work in a travel company as a tour leader. After a few months, she decided to get married and keep working. She quit her job when she was pregnant and became a housewife.
Since she had a daughter, she always stays at home taking care of her daughter, her house, and her family.
What motivated you to be a volunteer in Sasak Satu Swara?
I realized that languages are very important for everyone, and I realized that learning a language here is hard as well. Not everyone can learn English outside of school because of the cost. Not everyone has money to pay for the courses. I just wanted to teach the children, I wanted to share what I knew, I wanted to become their teacher even I’m not an English teacher. I hope more children can join and learn with us here.What is your role while volunteering at Sasak Satu Swara?
I teach the children every day. In the morning, I usually do my housework first, and in the day I will teach the children until the afternoon.Which qualities should have a volunteer in Sasak Satu Swara?
To become a volunteer you should prepare your heart first. You have to make sure that you want to become a volunteer and not because of anyone else.
If you work from your heart, you will like everything you do, you will be happy about that, and you will be ready to do everything to make everything better even you’re not paid.

What were your expectations before you volunteered?

I expect the children would love to learn, that they would be passionate about every subject that they learn.

Were they fulfilled?

Yes, they are so happy and passionate while studying, they love to learn and I can see they are really giving their best to understand the subject in class.

How Long Do You Plan to Volunteer?

As long as the foundation exists. I will keep teaching the children and being a volunteer.
Did you face any challenging situation – any challenges?
Because the classroom is not big enough, sometimes the children studied outside of the room. Some of them studying in the room or our classroom, and some of them studying outside of the classroom. So I teach in two different places at one time and it needs extra effort to teach in two different places at the same time.
What Keeps You Motivated On Tough Days?
To see the children keeps coming every day for studying motivates me to give my best while teaching the children,What are the highlights of this experience?
Basically, I am not a teacher and I never teaching before, this experience has me understand the meaning of a teacher and how a teacher can become a good or bad example.
Is there anything you would like to share with us or your supporters?
Airfunding has brought us hope.
You gave us the possibility to bring more children and more classrooms for them. Thank you to all of you!

Learn about the Indonesian cuisine with Mia and how to cook a delicious Indonesian snack.
Mia, how would you describe Indonesian food? Could you recommend us a dish?

The food in Indonesia is mostly spicy food. We love to eat spicy food and we usually eat with our hands.

Indonesian corn fritters is an easy and delicious recipe. The recipe is also so easy!

Ingredients :
・1 piece of sweetcorn
・4-5 spoon of flour
・1 egg
・1 carrot
・1 leek
・1 spoon of tapioca flour
・Pepper powder, seasoning, and salt.

How to make :
・Wash the corn thoroughly, then remove the seeds from the cob.
・Cut the carrot and the leek into a small piece.
・Mix corn, wheat flour, chicken eggs, carrot, leek, tapioca flour, ground pepper, seasoning, and salt until smooth and perfectly blended.
・Heat the oil in a frying pan.
・Fry the dough until cooked with brown color.
・Serve on a plate.

The corn fritters are ready to be served.

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