May’s Monthly Report – Airfunding for NGO

Hi! Thank you very much for your invaluable support to Airfunding for NGO and the organizations around the world that are part of it.
We would like to share with you this monthly report from the organizations.
This monthly report is a document where you can check the following information:
(1) Amount collected by the organization during the month
(2) Breakdown on the usage of the received funds during the month
(3) Details on the organization’s activities during the month

Back to School Africa

With the $630 collected in Airfunding for NGO, Back2School have been able to pay the school fees of 23 more children until their graduation, and visit 2 communities. A small part of the funds were used for different expenses like social media and publicity.

Funds breakdown

Collected support: $630 USD
・School enrollment: 80%
・Community outreach: 15%
・Other expenses: 5%

School enrollment
23 children (17 elementary school pupils and 6 high school) have been enrolled to school during this enrollment phase of the Ignite Africa Campaign. The children get their school fees covered until they graduate high school.
Community outreach
Back 2 School Africa has traveled to 2 different communities to localize children out of school that would need their help from now on.
Other expenses
Social media management and publicity material expenses are covered by the 5% of the collected funds.

Organization’s activities

Visiting the Egbadun community in Ifako-Ijaiye
During the weekend of May 22nd, Back2School Africa visited the Egbadun community in Ifako-Ijaiye (Lagos State), where over 68% of householders in the community have a monthly income of less than $40.
Nomination to Nudge Global Impact Awards
Chukwuma Anklin Amadi, representing Back to School Africa, has been nominated to the Nudge Global Impact Awards 2021 in Netherlands, for the inspiring Ignite Africa Campaign.

Sasak Satu Swara

May has been marked by Ramadan celebrations. With the $188 collected in Airfunding for NGO, the organization has completed the construction of 1 classroom, accepted 7 more students in the Campus that were provided books and school material, and gave 60 complete meals, as well as paying the electricity bill and wifi for the school.

Funds breakdown

Collected support: $188 USD
・School improvement: 43%
・Transportation: 21%
・Meals: 16%
・School material: 11%
・Other expenses: 9%

School improvement
The support has been used to complete the creation of 1 classroom building that will increase school space and therefor, help more children to join the school
Transportation expenses are necessary for the students to being able to move to different locations during visits and activities, as well to provide transportation to those students live far from the campus. These funds cover the driver hiring and transport rental fee.
This amount has been used to provide 60 complete meals in the Campus for the students and volunteers
School material
7 new students have been invited to join the Campus and they have been provided with books and student tools (pencils, notebooks, etc.)
Other expenses
Other expenses include the electricity and wifi inside the campus.

Organization’s activities

Ramadan celebrations
Ramadan ended on May 12nd, so during the first half of the month, students and staff in Sasak Satu Swara could enjoy different celebration activities at the school, the Kampung Inggris Puyung.
Special event to support Palestinians
On May 21, in solidarity with people in Palestine, staff and students from Sasak Satu Swara participated in a pacific protests with support posters and sent some groceries donations to the people in Palestine.

Faith Angels Ministry

In May 2021, many students were unable to actually attend school due to COVID-19, but with the $140 support raised through Airfunding for NGO, every day 60 students received 3 meals and a set of books, pens and pencils.
The surplus funds were used to improve school equipment and part of the rent payment.

Funds breakdown

Collected support: $140 USD

・School improvement: 43%
・Food: 36%
・School material: 12%
・Other expenses: 9%

School improvement
Faith Angels Ministry is working on creating a playground area for girls and a latrine.
The playground for girls will help to promote their talent in physical games. The funds are being use to purchase the material as the students and local people are helping with the building tasks.
Children are fed on a balanced diet of beans, posho, sweet potatoes and Irish potatoes that are seasonal harvested from the school garden . This has helped 60 children in getting at least 3 meals a day during the month, which is almost impossible for the children outside school to have.
School material
60 children have been provided with books, pens, pencils which they have been using while studying.
Other expenses
Currently, the school pays monthly ground rent. A 9% of the collected funds have been used to help pay the rent expenseses of the facility.

Organization’s activities

Support and educational counseling
The school holds on a daily basis guidance and counseling sessions with children and with caregivers, where they are given advice about education. On May, due to the COVID-19 situation, only the children participated, not the caregivers.
Support to Batwa Community
On May 6th, Faith Angels Ministry distributed food, soap and salt to 126 people from 66 households of the Batwa community that surrounds the school. Teaching generosity to the children is another core value of the organization!
Election Day
On May 7th, the Elections to decide the team of leader-students was celebrated. A team of 12 students have been elected, being the head of the team for the 3rd in a row Adella, one of the top students of the school.

Entrepreneurs monitored by IOM

During April of 2021, the group of entrepreneurs collected $60 USD. The amount hasn’t been delivered until next month, so the activities will be explained in the next report.

Entrepreneur’s activities

Election of leader
At the beginning of May, Alie Conteh, a young entrepreneur who aims to create a computer learning center, has been unanimously nominated as the leader of the entrepreneurs participating in Airfunding for NGO by his colleagues.
Participation in Streaming
On May 29th, we celebrated a Live Streaming with some of them, including Alie, where we were able to talk with them about their plans.
Projects creation
11 young entrepreneurs monitored by IOM have received assistance to open their projects in Airfunding while another 10 entrepreneurs are currently working on opening their projects.

Solidaridad sin Limites

The crisis and insecurity in Colombia has caused the change of dates of the medical mission in Guaviare that couldn’t be held. However, the organization has used the $40 collected in Airfunding for NGO to provide groceries and hygiene products to a family of 3 members.

Funds breakdown

Collected support: $40 USD

・Groceries: 80%
・Hygiene products: 20%

The life of a single mother suffering from COVID-19 and her 2 children, has been saved by providing them medical care, medicines donated from the foundation and groceries
Hygiene products
The same family of 3 members has received hygiene products for 1 month in order to survive

Organization’s activities

Supporting Venezuelan “Caminantes”
Solidaridad sin Limites is assisting migrants from Venezuela that enter Colombia by walking (“Caminantes”) with clothes, food and medical care on a regular basis.
Supporting protesters
The critical situation in Colombia is leading to numerous protests during the last weeks, and many people are being injured during the protests (so far 46 protesters have died).
Solidaridad sin Limites is providing medical support to these protesters on a regular basis.
Visit to Hogar Divina Providencia
On May 16th and 30th, the psychology team of Solidaridad sin Limites visits the Hogar Divina Providencia, a place where unprivileged young mothers live with their children and receive support, training and professional advice.